The Open One Health Platform

A powerful open-source surveillance platform. 

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The Toolkit provides a foundation for surveillance systems by equipping community members with mobile technology. 

One Health Surveillance Software

Collect participatory field data for a variety of health requirements and manage cases in real-time.


    Offline-ready, device-agnostic mobile application capable of collecting field data.


    Build custom offline forms quickly with clicks not code.


    Create automated notifications for local authorities and push notifications directly to reporters in the field. 

  • Case Management

    Track incoming reports from the community, manage high risk cases, and respond to potential outbreaks.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Monitor incoming reports and cases via a real-time health risk dashboard.

  • Custom Workflows

    Automate team workflows by configuring case definitions and stages. 

One Health Technology

Scale surveillance systems with participatory health data

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  • Real-Time Reporting

    Automatically escalate cases and alert specific authorities when clusters detected.

  • Custom Form Builder

    Create your own custom forms for collecting any type of public health data. 

  • Analyze Participatory Data

    View data as a dashboard, table, or export to csv for analysis. 

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